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For Parents
Participant permission form – print and complete for child participants (by parents) and volunteer mentors. Please bring to your first session only.

Cybersmart – useful information for parents, kids and the community regarding technology and safety.

How and why to teach your kids to code – a really informative post by

Internet safety – internet do’s and don’ts that can protect your child

How to keep your child safe online – the fundamental principals of internet safety

General Resources
CoderDojo Kata – knowledge base for kids, parents, mentors.

Codecademy – learn to code interactively, for free. Step by step tutorial for learners and teachers. – a non-profit foundation dedicated to growing computer programming education. Free step by step coding tutorials.

Khan Academy – learn almost anything for free.

CoderDojo Game – how to build a html game in 5 lines and basic programming principles.

Beginners Resources – Scratch and Hopscotch
Scratch – all the resources you need to build a basic game using Scratch. Great for beginners.

Scratch Overview from ScratchEd on Vimeo.

Scratch Cards – the front of each card shows what you can do, the back shows how to do it.

Learning with Scratch – what kids can learn by using Scratch.

Scratch Projects – step by step presentations for mentors.

Scratch video tutorials – learn how to make space invaders, racing games and more!

Hopscotch – this is an app for iPads. Really similar to Scratch and a great place to start for beginners.

Python Resources
Python Power – popular in Dojos around the world. An interactive, object-oriented, extensible programming language.

Python Game for Beginners – this is a great game for kids to create. Built by a 13 year old developer.

Alice Resources
Alice – your main resource to download and get started with Alice

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