CoderDojo Chermside Library wrap up!

We had our last session for Term 1 at Chermside Library on Saturday with the kids demonstrating the great work they’ve created throughout the six sessions of CoderDojo Brisbane.  What the kids achieved was amazing with some creating fully-functioning games.

One of our participants Griffin was able to create a great game that incorporated various aspects of Scratch. The aim of the game is to shoot the eyeballs before they hit the castle. Griffin incorporated a set amount of lives and if the eyeballs hit the castle three times, it was game over. The kids were excellent in their encouragement and feedback with some great suggestions for improvement including adding sound and extra levels.


We also had a great Coding on the iPad demonstration from our mentor Roger, where the kids were able to explore various programs that could help them develop their own app or game. Programs that were introduced included:

  • Hopscotch – teaches kids to code using simple and intuitive building blocks.
  • Pythonista & Python – is an integrated programming development environment.
  • Codea – lets you create games and simulations on the iPad.

The mentors and participants had fun playing with a variation of Flappy Bird on the iPad, ‘Flappy Octopus’ hacking the code in order to make it much easier to play. The code was changed so that the width between the pipes was much bigger. As you can imagine, the scores were much higher than usual!


Sessions at Chermside Library were a great success with both the kids and mentors doing a fantastic job in bringing enthusiasm to each session. Thanks to our wonderful mentors, the kids were introduced to many new coding programs and new technologies. Here is a quick rundown of what the kids were able to see and learn over the last six sessions:


A huge thank you to all our great mentors for all their support and for continually demonstrating new and exciting programs to the kids. It was evident that they were all inspired by the big wide world of coding and what it can offer.

Sessions at Chermside Library will kick-off again in the second half of the year. Subscribe to for all the latest news and updates on when registrations open. You can also follow CoderDojo Brisbane on Twitter and Facebook.

Carindale’s last CoderDojo Brisbane session for Term 1 is this Saturday with Sunnybank Hills and Mt Ommaney Library continuing for another two Saturday’s.


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