CoderDojo Kenmore Library a great success!

The last session at CoderDojo Kenmore Library wrapped up on Saturday and by popular demand, the kids took part in a Minecraft hacking session. Using Python, the kids were able to create a ‘diamond finder’, which was extremely popular!

Overall, CoderDojo sessions at Kenmore Library were a great success with the kids producing some excellent Scratch programs with boxing games, lots of dancing and some very colourful cats!

A huge thank you to all our wonderful mentors for your time over the last month – we really couldn’t have been done it without your ongoing support! For now, CoderDojo sessions have wrapped up at Kenmore Library, but please stay tuned for future sessions we will be running at Kenmore.

At the moment we have Sunnybank Hills registrations open for both mentors and participants, so if you want to get involved, please sign up – we would love to have you!

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