Want to CoderDojo – Kenmore is Calling!!

If you’ve been wanting to get involved with CoderDojo Brisbane, and live in the Western suburbs of Brisbane, now’s your chance!! Registrations for mentors are currently open, and we’d love to have you involved!! Kicking off from Saturday 17 August at Kenmore Library, we’re looking for around 8-10 volunteer mentors for each Saturday session (12.00 – 2.00pm). Register for 1 or more sessions – it’s entirely up to you.

Volunteer Mentors are crucial to the success of CoderDojos. We endeavour to always have an experienced Mentor at each session, for new Mentors to get a feel for how the sessions run. Mentors are also encouraged to just pop in to a session to see what you’re in for – no commitment!!

The Mentors’ role is to guide and assist participants, and they should ideally possess:

  • The willingness to create and deliver content passionately and interactively
  • A desire to encourage kids to take an interest in coding
  • An ability to think on your feet, kids ask some very interesting and challenging questions!

We generally get started with a session on Scratch, just to gauge where the kids are at. Then we introduce HTML to the more advanced/older kids and mix it up with things like Codea for iPads or a Raspberry Pi demo. CoderDojo is really participant led, rather than curriculum based, so we’re constantly talking to the kids to find out what they’re interested in learning about.

To find out more, or to register, check out our Mentors page. It would be great to have you involved!!

CoderDojo kids do demos too!!

CoderDojo kids do demos too!!

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