Some of our Awesome Mentors!!

Brendt Sheen
Technical Director, Code Heroes

Q What was your first creation using code?
My first creation was programmed in Basic and was a dice which used a random number generator and then displayed to result graphically on the screen. From memory it “rolled” for a while showing different sides and then resting on the final value. It was pretty basic (Ha! Basic/basic I didn’t even mean to do that) but I thought it was super cool at the time.

Justin Shield
Senior Software Engineer, Mammoth Media

Q Why have you become involved with CoderDojo Brisbane?
I wanted to try and help to get Kids excited about programming, I started
when I was 13 and was hooked on it ever since.

Almost every job is soon going to require some level of programming in the
near future, so the sooner we can get kids interested and involved the
more interesting stuff is going to happen in the future.

John Harrison
ICT Risk & Security Manager, Brisbane City Council

Q What was your first creation using code?
It was a program that I made at school that simply computed the average of a list of numbers. Back then, no one was allowed to actually touch the computer – it was as big as a car and was kept in a locked room. Instead, we used a machine that punched holes in paper cards, which represented the program. An operator then placed the cards into the computer for processing and would later give us back some paper with the results. The printer made a grinding noise like it was eating metal.

Roger Altena
Systems Analyst, Suncorp

Q Is there something that’s surprised you at CoderDojo Brisbane?
How many kids are out there with a love of creating rather than just consuming content.

Read more about some of our volunteer mentors here, or register to become a mentor too!


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