Calling Mentors for August Sessions

Registration is now open for mentors interested in volunteering for sessions running each Saturday in August at Brisbane Square Library. There will always be some experienced Mentors at each session, but we welcome you to get involved in planning for sessions and step-up to share a demo with the participants. We also welcome mentors wanting to become a “Site Champion” for a month at a time. Site Champions will ensure there is a facilitator at each session and a plan for engaging with the participants, as well as just generally keeping things running on the day.

In the pilot sessions to date, we have covered Scratch for the beginners and Codea on iPads for those participants wanting to work with something a little more challenging. CoderDojo is participant led, so during the course of each session mentors talk to the participants about what they’re interested in and this largely drives the content and demos for the next session.

For more information on becoming a volunteer Mentor, or to register for the August sessions, click here. For more information, complete the contact form here. In the meantime, you can also follow us on Twitter.

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